Sitemap - 2023 - The Jeff Dornik Show

Hidden in Plain Sight: Nicole Nogrady Exposes the Illuminati Symbolism and Satanic Rituals Within the Music Industry

Republican Smoke and Mirrors: The Rifts Behind the Deceptive Unity That Could Spell Doom for the GOP in 2024

How MyPillow Became the Unlikely Symbol of Resistance

Rioting Nightmare: JD Rucker's Startling Warning of Post-Election Anarchy Unleashed

Divine Desecration: Amber May Unveils the Terrifying Truth About the Amazon Show ‘Upload’

RedPill78’s Zak Paine on Whether Jeffrey Epstein's Unsealed List is a Deep State Psyop or the Truth Finally Unleashed

The Battle Cry for Individualized Wellness

Election Wars 2024: Former Maricopa County Election Judge Michele Swinick's Blueprint to Crush Election Sabotage

How Long Until Artificial Intelligence Poses a Threat to Humanity?

Dr James A Thorp: Our Government has Spent $5T Pushing the Deadliest Drug Ever Rolled Out

The Attacks Against America by the Powers-That-Be are a Personal Attack Against You

Chad Caton Reveals the Battle Plan for Trump's Resurgence in the 2024 Election

Ken Paxton’s Lawsuit Against Pfizer is Making All the Right Arguments

The Wellness Company's Unconventional Approach to Heart Health

Rakuten's Surprising Role in the Battle Against Bidenomics

Shocking Truth About Public Schools and the Urgent Call by Sam Sorbo to Homeschool NOW!

Carl Crew Unveils the Real Story Behind the Legend of Bigfoot

Psyops Galore: Ann Vandersteel Dives into the Border Crisis, Hypocrisy, and Election Rigging

Elon Musk's Silent Censorship is an Underlying Threat to Free Speech on X

Unveiling the Struggle Against Censorship: Pickax is a Beacon of Free Speech

Clay Clark Breaks Down Elon Musk's Contribution to the Dark Side of Technological Progress

Choosing Sides: Trevor Loudon and Mallory Millett Debate America's Role in the Russia-Ukraine War

Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer, Nanotech in Food and Eating Fake Meat is… Cannibalism?

Choosing Sides: America's Role in the Russia-Ukraine War

Freedom First Coffee: Because Regular Coffee is for Commies!

Woke Christianity has Taken Over the Evangelical Church

The Illusion of Free Speech: Haley Kennington Unmasks the Reality on Elon Musk’s Twitter

The War of Ideology Between Muslim Extremists and the Judeo-Christian World

The Powers-That-Be Who Are Pushing Social Justice Within the Church are Not Christians

Redefining Representation: Bianca Gracia's Vision for TX-HD128

Clouded Secrets: Nicole Nogrady Reveals The Dark Side of Chemtrails

The Deep State: Ivan Raiklin Exposes Who’s Really Calling the Shots

Ditching Woke Corporations on Black Friday - Your Guide to Supporting Pro-America Businesses

Brewing Freedom: Freedom First Coffee's Red, White, and Brew-tiful Black Friday Extravaganza!

Grant Botma Breaks Down Exactly How Government Regulations are Destroying the Economy

The GOP: A Party With No Leader

If Our Elections are Rigged and Our Borders are Open… Do We Even Have a Country?

The Three Things You Must Do Right Now to Prepare for World War III

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Our Constitutional Rights?

Dr Hadar Elbaz: Doctors Have Blood on Their Hands for Vaccinating as Many Kids as Possible

Dismantling the Globalist Lie About Red Meat Causing Diabetes

Rising Beef Prices Means Large Food Producers Are Importing More Foreign Cattle

Shannon Joy Shares Why She Cannot Support Donald Trump for President

Remnant of True Believers: The Significance of Their Role During the Falling Away

This Supplement Prevents Blood Clots

YouTube Now Considers Being Pro-Life Medical Misinformation

When Things Go Crazy, You'll Wish You Were Prepared

FBI Whistleblower Nate Cain Takes On Establishment GOP Candidate and Former Employee of The Podesta Group Riley Moore in WV Congressional Race

The Secret Plan of the New Axis of Evil to Get America to Start World War III

Twila Brase Exposes the Deliberate Deception of HIPPA

Karen Kingston: People are Foolish for Using Artificial Intelligence

Steve Stern Lists All the Ways You Can Get Involved to Save America

Trevor Loudon: Alleged President Biden is Doing the Bidding of Putin by Opposing Russia to Get Us Into WWIII

Former CIA Intelligence Officer Dr Michael Scheuer Warns Against Getting Involved in Israel’s War Against Hamas

Can the Firebrands Take Back the GOP? Chad Caton Reveals the Winning Strategy

How Can We Be Sure We Have an Honest 2024 Election?

The GOP Wants to Go Back to Business-As-Usual... We Cannot Allow That to Happen

Mike Lindell is Offering Unprecedented MyPillow Deals Just in Time for Christmas Shopping

Sarah McAbee on What Really Happened on J6 and the Ongoing Weaponization of the Government

There is No Asterisk or Exception Clause in the United States Constitution, Despite What Ron DeSantis & Michael Knowles Believe

Jason “Storm” Nelson: Is America Prepared for World War III?

On the Brink of World War III... Why are the Powers-That-Be Focusing Our Attention on UFOs?

Kristi Leigh: How the Fearmongering of the Powers-That-Be Are Stripping Away Our Constitutional Rights

Ivan Raiklin Reveals Who’s Really a Part of the Deep State… and Some of the Names Will Shock You

The Transhumanists are Using You to Build The Technology That Will Eliminate the Need for Humans

Mallory Millett: World War II Never Ended… and Now America is Aligned with the Nazis!

Senator Mike Morrell: Is Today’s Political Climate Too Divisive… or Not Enough?

Edward Haugland: Joe Biden Committed Biological Warfare Against the American People

GOP Debate: The Warmongers are Beating Their War Drums

California is Forcing Big Tech Companies to Violate Your First Amendment Free Speech Rights

Alex Newman: Stop Handing Your Children Over to be Educated by a Godless Government That Uses Tax Money to Murder Babies

The Elections are Rigged… Seth Keshel Explains What We Do About It

Can You Get Vaxxed Without Getting the Jab?

Michele Swinick: America is Dead if We Don’t Fix the Elections by March 5th

Dr Shannon Kroner Shares How We Can Teach Kids About Vaccines and Medical Freedom

“Non-Human” Alien Bodies are Presented to Mexican Government During Livestream of Congressional Hearing

Karlyn Borysenko Went Undercover at a Socialist Conference… What They Were Teaching Will Shock You

Former CIA Intelligence Officer Dr Michael Scheuer Explains Why He Believes 9/11 was a Part of a Larger Plan by the Powers-That-Be

Vindication for JR Majewski… DoD Confirms Military Record After Smear Campaign Derailed His Congressional Campaign in 2022

Elon Musk’s X Has Multiple Forms of Censorship

Is Transhumanist Elon Musk the King of Psyops?

Blockchain Expert Jeff Richfield: Stop Waiting on the Next Election and Let the Elect Rise Up

It’s Time to Take on the Social Media Tyrants and Allow the People to be Heard

Dr Pierre Kory Explains the Real Reason the Powers-That-Be are Pushing Another Not-Safe-Or-Effective Covid Shot

Redefining Freedom of the Press has Undercut the First Amendment

Cartels, Trafficking & Drugs: Ann Vandersteel Reveals That Our Tax Dollars are Directly Funding Illegal Immigration

Karen Kingston Reveals What Led Up to Her Disappearance Last Month

Brandon Straka: Donald Trump is Being Persecuted by Rabid Marxists Who’ve Infiltrated Our Government

Why We Need to Break Free From Big Tech Altogether

Congressional Candidate Max Ukropina: We Can’t Allow the Failed Policies of the Left to Destroy America

Ava Chen Warns That a Total Economic Collapse Caused by the CCP is Coming

Clay Clark Goes Off on Vivek Ramaswampy for Being a Corrupt Dishonest Big Pharma Executive

How Elon Musk’s X Could Lead to the End of Humanity as we Know it

Britfield Author Chad Stewart: The Foundation is Shifting Underneath Hollywood and a Reckoning is Coming

Charles Sauer: The FTC is Offshoring Big Tech Censorship to the EU

We Cannot Allow the Left to Pretend Their Covid Tyranny Didn’t Happen

Electing Donald Trump is NOT What is Going to Save America

Why I’m Already Sick of the 2024 Election

Jeffrey J Clayton: Illinois Banning Cash Bail is Catastrophic to Victims

How Trump’s Latest Indictment Could Signal the End of Free Speech

Chris Nelson Defends Ron DeSantis, Arguing That He Should be the GOP Nominee Over Trump

Todd Callender Claims the Federal Government is a Facade: No One in the Biden Administration is Lawfully Serving

Twitter is Still Censoring Conservatives… They’re Just Cleverly Hiding It

Aila Wang: An Illegal CCP Covid Lab Discovered in California… Turns Out Our Government Funded It

EXCLUSIVE: Who's the Actual President?

Anna Perez Explains How the Swampy Uniparty Manipulates Candidates and Voters to Maintain Control

Lt Gen Thomas McInerney Unveils Evidence Proving the CCP Established Joe Biden as President

Why Aren’t There Any Truly Free Speech Social Media Platforms?

Haley Kennington on the Left Hiding Behind Free Speech to Sexualize Children and What Parents can do to Protect Their Kids

Senator Ted Harvey: Joe Biden Campaigning on the Economy is Good for the GOP

Kevin Jenkins: Defeating Big Pharma One Consumer at a Time

Ira Bershatsky Breaks Down how the Biden Regime is Utterly Destroying the U.S. Economy

Tim Arrigo: The Root Problems Behind Drug Addiction and Homelessness are Being Ignored

Elon Musk is a Globalist

Clay Clark Reveals the Satanic Agenda of Elon Musk’s “Everything App” X

Elon Musk’s X is a Trojan Horse to Usher in The Great Reset Through Transhumanism

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is Found Guilty of Eco-Terrorism for Preaching a Sermon

Mel K Warns That Elon Musk’s New X Platform is Playing Right Into the Globalist’s Plan

Jason Fyk Reveals What Everyone is Getting Wrong About Section 230

The Church Sold Out America to the Globalist Elite

How Do We Stop the CIA From Brainwashing Everybody?

Joe Exotic is a Flamboyantly Gay Democrat with Conservative Values Running for President of the United States of America

Chad Caton: This is How We Make America Great Again

Former CIA Intelligence Officer Dr Michael Scheuer & Col Mike Reveal Why the Deep State is so Desparate to go to War with Russia

Karen Kingston Reveals How YOU Can Stop Pfizer and Their Bioweapon Injections

Dr Peter McCullough: Autopsies Prove That 73.9% of Deaths After Covid Vaccination are Caused by the Jabs

We Live in the United Deep States of America

Dr Jim Meehan: Vaccine Science is Tobacco Science 2.0

Why So Much Animosity Between Trump and DeSantis?

The Real Reason the Mainstream Media Cannot be Trusted

Josh Barnett Reveals the Only Solution on the Table to Fix the Election System Before 2024

Dr Lawrence Palevsky: The United States Healthcare System is Dead

Apathy Will be the Downfall of the Republican Party | Interview on I’m Fired Up with Chad Caton

Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: Barack Hussein Obama Started the Deep State

The Deeply Abusive Theological Argument the Woke Mob Makes to Push Transgenderism

The Left Hates Everyone… Especially Those They Claim to Stand For

Parenting in the Age of TikTok and Transgenderism

Dr Billy DeMoss: We Save America by Getting Healthy and Cutting out Big Pharma, Food and Media of our Lives

Invite your friends to read Jeff Dornik's Freedom Files

Matt Couch is in ICU and Needs Your Prayers and Support

RFK is the Kind of Candidate we Need for President

How Much of What We Believe is Influenced by the Intelligence Agencies?

Trump's Path to Victory in 2016 is NOT the Path to Victory in 2024

The Trump vs DeSantis Feud is a Distraction From What’s Really Destroying America

Mitchell Gerber Exposes China’s Multi-Billion Dollar On-Demand Organ Harvesting Business

Why Twitter Isn't Quite the Free Speech Platform Elon Musk Makes it Out to Be

How Did Jesus Confront the Deep State?

Are We Being Led Astray By Our Trusted Leaders?

mRNA Nanotech Jabs and Biodigital Hybrids | In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston

The Covid Jab is not a Vaccine or Gene Therapy… it’s a Bioweapon

The Intelligence Agencies, Cults and How to Preserve Free Speech

Clay Clark Reveals That Biden’s Chief Economic Advisor is in Favor of Moving Away From the US Dollar

It’s Not Just the Covid Jab That’s a Bioweapon… Covid Itself Is, Too!

Elon Musk: Assume You’re Always Being Manipulated

Despite 12 Million New Jobs During Biden’s Presidency, Dems Still 10 Million Jobs in the Hole Compared to Trump

Transhumanism is the Greatest Threat to the Existence of Humanity

DeSantis, RFK or Trump: Who Can We Trust to Save America?

Pastor Craig Hagin: You Have the Right to be an Idiot

Ron DeSantis' Weaponization of the Government Against Political Opponents is a Massive Concern

With Parler Closing Shop, It's Only a Matter of Time Before More "Free Speech" Platforms Fold

Karlyn Borysenko: A Libertarian Critique of Conservatism

Clay Clark: Combining Covid Bioweapon Injections with the CBDC Creates a Terrifying Transhumanist Nightmare

Former Maricopa County Elections Attorney Rachel Alexander Breaks Down Why Kari Lake Has Been So Successful in Exposing Election Fraud in Arizona

Dr Jason Dean: Big Pharma is a Legalized Mafia

A Warning To Those Blaming the Military for the Covid Bioweapon Injections

The HodgeTwins are Giving Away a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Cold Hard Cash

Was the Covid Jab Developed Under the Guise of Cancer Research?

How to Tell Who’s a Real Patriot vs a Deep State Operative

The Psyop That’s Suckering Many Conservatives

Trump vs DeSantis is One Giant Distraction That May Work in Trump's Favor

The American Healthcare System has Been Systematically Destroyed... Here's How We Begin to Rebuild It

Pharmakeia: Just How Demonic Are The Covid Jabs?

Our Exposure to Toxins, Chemicals and Heavy Metals Goes Well Beyond the Covid Jab

FBI Director Christopher Wray Confirms Lab Leak... But is This Just More Disinformation?

Trump or DeSantis: Which Would Be a Better President for America?

The Deep State Is Using Cult Tactics to Control the Masses

Is the Republican Party Turning Its Back on God?

How Targeting the Government Instead of Big Pharma for the Release of the Bioweapon Injections Could Lead to World War III

Former Defense Contractor Patrick Wyett Explains How To Know You’re Being Deceived

There's One Belief That Has Made America the Greatest Nation in the History of the World

Don't Be A Conspiracy Hunter

Words Matter: Stop Calling the Bioweapon Injection a Vaccine or Gene Therapy

Why is Congress Holding Hearings on Everything Except for the Most Important Issue We Face?

Should Christians Back Down From Gay Marriage?

The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

Why the World Economic Forum Needs Everyone Injected with Their Bioweapon

We are Victims of Medical and Environmental Terrorism

Could the Egg Shortage Really Have to do with the Powers-That-Be Wanting More People Infected with Covid?

Pastor Brian Gibson Warns of One Component of the CBDC That Could Wipe Your Bank Account Out

Vem Miller Breaks Down What’s Going on Behind the Scenes Between Dr Simone Gold and AFLDS

The One Thing Trump Can Do To End DeSantis' 2024 Campaign Before It Begins

The Sycophantic Behavior of the America First Movement May Become its Downfall

The Reason Most Pro-Vaxxers Won't Admit the Jabs are Ineffective and Dangerous

Steven Crowder vs The Daily Wire: How This Affects the Conservative Movement

Why Steven Crowder's Fight with The Daily Wire is Vitally Important to the Future of the Conservative Movement

Clay Clark & Seth Holehouse Lay Out The Plan for CBDC and How the CCP’s Coming Implosion May Thwart The Great Reset

Dr Mark Sherwood Warns That Only Focusing on Big Pharma vs Other “Bigs” Won’t Fix the Problem

DeAnna Lorraine: Does Trump’s Continued Promotion of the Bioweapon Injections Make Him a Useful Idiot?

How The Moderna v Pfizer Lawsuit Over Covid “Vaccine” Patents Could Confirm That It’s Actually a Bioweapon

Brandon Straka: The Democrats Have No Boundaries When They Set Out to Destroy You

Joe Biden’s Proposed Gas Stove Ban is a Deflection From the Government's Role in Skyrocketing Rates of Childhood Asthma

Brandon Straka Warns That the Derangement of the Left is Worse Today Than Ever Before

If We Have the Truth on Our Side… Why Aren’t We Winning?

Why Does it Seem Like Our Trusted Leaders are Covering for Pfizer and Big Pharma?

Weekly News Roundup

A Conversation with Alan Keyes on the Danger of the GOP Trending Towards Libertarianism

The Fight for Our Constitutional Rights Hinges on the Very Existence of God

Lt Gen Thomas McInerney and Mary Fanning Warn that Barack Hussein Obama is a KGB Agent… and the FBI Knows It

What Good Does Exposing the Corruption of the Deep State Do if the Masses Never Hear About It?

Are You Taking Notes? The Freedom Caucus is Laying Out Our Gameplan to Drain the Swamp Within the GOP

Jeffree Star Exposes the Dark Reality of The Illuminati

Was Commotio Cordis a Misdirection From the Real Reason NFL’s Damar Hamlin Collapsed on the Field?

This Deep State PSYOP is Getting Conservatives to Willingly Turn Their Back on the Constitution