“Non-Human” Alien Bodies are Presented to Mexican Government During Livestream of Congressional Hearing

Do you think these are legit bodies of aliens from outer space?

Journalist and UFO investigator Jaime Maussan appeared before the lower chamber of Congress to present what he claims are the bodies of two “non-human” alien bodies before the Mexican Congress.

There’s been an uptick in UFO sightings and admission even by the United States government that UFOs are real. However, government officials are still tight-lipped about what we actually know and refuse to provide any documentation beyond videos and photographs of UFOs in flight. The body of an alien being has been elusive, despite many whistleblowers claiming that the US Government has retrieved many and are doing testing on them.

We now allegedly have a body… and not just one, but two. Maussan revealed the two alien bodies before the Mexican Congress which was live-streamed on YouTube. I took the clip of the reveal and had it translate with subtitles.

Do you think these are legit bodies of aliens from outer space? Do you believe in aliens? 

I, for one, am one who has always believed that aliens do not exist and that UFO technology and alien sightings are actually demonic, in nature. The more that I research UFOs, which is something that’s been piquing my interest as of late (I just finished watching the full X-Files series), I become more convinced that we are not dealing with intelligent life from another planet, but rather from another dimension… a spiritual one, to be specific.

The question becomes, then… what are these bodies that Maussan presented? Are they fakes? Are they real? Could they be some form of human with deformities from thousands of years ago? Or could we be dealing with a Nephilim type creature that’s part demon and part human? Or could we be dealing with an actual dead alien from outer space?


Only time will tell… but it sure appears to me that our governments are trying to convince us that aliens are real? Understanding Biblical prophecy and taking a look at what’s going on in the world today, it would make sense that we are being conditioned to accept the belief that aliens from outer space are real… in order to push the psyop that the alien leader will solve all of our problems. In Biblical text, that would be the anti-christ. Just something to consider.

Watch the video and post in the comments with your thoughts… Do you think this is real? A hoax? Aliens? Something else altogether?

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