Trump or DeSantis: Which Would Be a Better President for America? Listen now (64 min) | This conversation on The AlphaWarrior Show is an honest and transparent discussion about Trump and DeSantis and who America needs…
In my upcoming book "Following the Leader" I break down the history of mind control within the cults, their ties to intelligence agencies and how…
Is the Republican Party Turning Its Back on God?Listen now (26 min) | One of my biggest concerns right now with the Republican Party is the latest trend of turning its back on God in favor of more…
How Targeting the Government Instead of Big Pharma for the Release of the Bioweapon Injections Could Lead to World War IIIListen now (78 min) | Don’t get led astray by those telling us to sue the government, employers or anyone else besides Big Pharma.
Former Defense Contractor Patrick Wyett Explains How To Know You’re Being DeceivedListen now (65 min) | Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his upcoming book, Darkened Pulpits.
If you take this away, as the Left has done, America is utterly destroyed.
Our movement's desire to find the next massive bombshell is actually demobilizing our movement from action.
Words Matter: Stop Calling the Bioweapon Injection a Vaccine or Gene TherapyListen now (90 min) | It’s time we start using the proper terminology when describing these injections if we want any chance of being successful in our…
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