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DeSantis, RFK or Trump: Who Can We Trust to Save America?

DeSantis, RFK or Trump: Who Can We Trust to Save America?

With Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis battling it out on the Republican side and Robert F Kennedy getting into the race on the Democrat side, there’s a lot of conversation about who has the best chance of saving America. 

Is DeSantis too loyal to the Establishment crowd? Is Trump’s stance on vaccines going to hurt him? Does RFK running as a Democrat rule him out as someone a conservative can vote for? 

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Let’s dive deep into this…

Donald Trump is by far the greatest president of my lifetime. He defeated ISIS within a matter of 6 months simply by letting the military do their job. He ensured we didn’t get into any new wars. We had the best economy in American history, with some of the lowest unemployment rates ever, and by far the lowest black unemployment rate of all time. He also gave us the SCOTUS that overturned Roe v Wade.

The negatives for Trump are his endorsement and promotion of the covid bioweapon injections, which is only providing cover for the corruption of Big Pharma and Anthony Fauci. He’s also raised a quarter of a billion dollars to combat election fraud, yet I’ve not seen where that has gone to overturning anything. Plus his endorsements of RINOs and cozying up with the Establishment GOP is concerning.

When it comes to Ron DeSantis, he’s got a track record of defending conservative values by taking on Critical Race Theory, Medical Freedom and the transgender targeting of children. 

However, he definitely has an authoritarian streak to him, which is exemplified in his retaliation tactics against Disney for practicing their First Amendment rights in opposition of his bill about sexualizing children. Whether you agree or disagree with Disney (I disagree), they have the right to state their political opinions. Plus, DeSantis is tight with the Bushes and Paul Ryan and has some questionable hires for his close staff.

With RFK, he understands the corruption between Big Government and Big Pharma probably better than any other candidate. Also, because of his family history, he has first-hand knowledge of just how corrupt the CIA and other intelligence agencies actually are. If we want to take out the Deep State, we definitely wouldn’t go wrong with Kennedy.

However, he is a Democrat. He’s a climate change activist, is definitely not very pro-second amendment and I’m assuming pro-choice to a certain degree.

With all that information, how do we decide who to vote for?

Here’s my take? My top choice is Donald J Trump. He has a track record and the Left absolutely hates him. RFK comes in second place, as there would definitely have to be some compromise to support his candidacy, but he’d take on the primary issue of corruption, Big Pharma and the Deep State.

Ron DeSantis doesn’t even make my list. He joins the rest of the Republican Establishment candidates as tied for third place… essentially, any of them would be better than Joe Biden.

So my goal is going to be to get Trump as the GOP nominee and RFK as the Democrat nominee. Trump is definitely my pick, but I would not be disappointed with a President RFK if Trump for some reason was not the GOP nominee (although I don’t see how that would happen without massive election fraud).

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