Jan 25 • 41M

Steven Crowder vs The Daily Wire: How This Affects the Conservative Movement

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The dustup between The Daily Wire and Steven Crowder has gotten nasty, resulting in severed friendships and conflicts over tens of millions of dollars. However, as Jeff Dornik explains in this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, there’s more to the story with massive implications for the future of the Conservative Movement. 

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Why Steven Crowder's Fight with The Daily Wire is Vitally Important to the Future of the Conservative Movement
Steven Crowder is causing a ruckus within Conservative Inc, or as he calls it… The Big Con. After leaving The Blaze, Crowder began fielding several offers to bring his wildly popular show, Louder with Crowder, to another conservative network. During that time, The Daily Wire sent over an offer that turned out to blow up in their faces when Crowder took t…
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