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How Trump’s Latest Indictment Could Signal the End of Free Speech

How Trump’s Latest Indictment Could Signal the End of Free Speech

This court case will determine whether dissent is legally allowed in America.

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The America First Movement is up in arms over the latest Trump indictments, and rightly so. We’ve seen the Deep State and the Swamp Creatures of the Uniparty throw everything they have at him to ensure he does not get into office. They’ve impeached him twice, smeared him in the media, held show trials over January 6th (which was also a setup) and are now throwing dozens of indictments at him, just praying (hoping, not praying… they don’t believe in God) that something sticks.

The latest indictments involving both Trump and his attorneys are an entirely new beast, altogether. This has far-reaching implications well beyond just whether Donald Trump can become president or not. If this results in a guilty verdict, we are witnessing the end of the First Amendment altogether.

This indictment hinges around the idea that Donald Trump and his attorneys (Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, etc) knowingly spread lies about the 2020 Election being stolen, despite knowing that was not the case. To justify this claim, they are saying that the Department of Justice informed them that they had no evidence that the election was stolen. Because they continued to claim that it was stolen, they argue, this is the willful promotion of lies and propaganda which resulted in a violent insurrection on January 6th (which wasn’t actually a violent insurrection, but you know… details).

The argument essentially comes down to the logical fallacy of authority that they’ve been conditioning the masses to believe over the last several years during covid. If we questioned Anthony Fauci, we were questioning science itself. It we question the results of the election, we are threatening the very existence of democracy (note: we are not a democracy). 

So when Donald Trump disagreed with the assessment the DOJ provided, he was well within his Constitutional Right to do so. The Left doesn’t see it that way, as they are now weaponizing the government against anybody that even disagrees with them. This court case will determine whether dissent is legally allowed in America.

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The Founding Fathers established the freedom of speech and freedom of the press to be for each individual American to have the right to both speak their mind and write their grievances against the government without interference from the government. This court case is going to show us whether that Constitutional Right still exists. It also proves, yet again, that the Democrat Party does not believe in our rights as Americans (shocker).

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