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The Psyop That’s Suckering Many Conservatives

The Psyop That’s Suckering Many Conservatives

My recent interview on The Zelenko Report with Ann Vandersteel.

It’s easy to point at the Left and call them sheeple; accusing them of being suckered by propaganda and psyops. At the same time, we’ve got to understand that our Conservative Movement is also being targeted by Deep State psyops, possibly with even more intensity.

This is exactly what I discussed during a recent interview on The Zelenko Report with my good friend Ann Vandersteel. My concern is that conservatives are falling victim to a Deep State psyop that is causing overconfidence and apathy within our movement.

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The goal of this psyop is to get the masses to sit back and wait for someone else to save the day. The consistent theme is that it’s going to be Donald Trump and the military that will swoop in when the time is right and arrest everyone involved with the massive amounts of corruption within our government.

Here’s the problem… Trump isn’t going to save America. At least not all by himself.

The only way to save this country is by We The People. Trump can be a part of that, but he’s not our Savior. It’s going to take a massive movement of Americans who love this country to ignore the constant propaganda being thrown our way and get involved to take back America.

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That means running for office, supporting the right candidates, showing up to peaceful protests and being educated about who to vote for in elections. 

Remember that if you just sit back and hope someone else will fix everything, it’ll never get done. It’s going to take each and every one of us to work together if we want any shot at saving America. 

Be sure to watch this entire bonus episode of The Jeff Dornik Show as I play my interview with Ann Vandersteel. Take mental notes as I explain how the psyops are working and leading people astray. Make sure you aren’t getting suckered.

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