One of the biggest hurdles we must overcome is the Mainstream Media's stranglehold over Americans' information intake.
Latching onto a diagnosis of commotio cordis, which has reportedly never occurred in NFL history, is yet another example of mass misdirection from the…
In my upcoming book "Following the Leader" I break down the history of mind control within the cults, their ties to intelligence agencies and how…
Challenge yourself. What do you actually believe? What’s your worldview? Are your alliances in alignment with your beliefs?
If you take this away, as the Left has done, America is utterly destroyed.
Dr Peter McCullough Warns That Donald Trump is Blowing the Greatest Political Opportunity of All Time Watch now (6 min) | During my latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I had the honor of speaking to Dr Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™, one of the…
Despite new evidence coming out nearly every day that invalidates virtually every claim the covid "experts" have made during this "plandemic," people…
Words Matter: Stop Calling the Bioweapon Injection a Vaccine or Gene TherapyListen now (90 min) | It’s time we start using the proper terminology when describing these injections if we want any chance of being successful in our…
These twenty Patriotic Republicans are taking an all-or-nothing approach, which is exactly the kind of mentality we need today.
Matt Couch posted a bombshell report on The DC Patriot showing that eggs are actually beneficial in fighting covid.
The Makeup and YouTube Star claims to have escaped the Illuminati and is beginning to tell the story.
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