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The Deep State is More Scared of RFK Jr Than Trump Because He Knows Where the Bodies are Buried


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I recently had the opportunity to appear on TNT Radio’s The Pelle Neroth Taylor Show to discuss my decision to switch my support from Donald Trump to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the 2024 presidential race. This might come as a shock to some, but as I outlined during the show, the reasons are crystal clear: The Deep State is terrified of RFK Jr. because he knows where the bodies are buried.

Now, don’t get me wrong—Trump is still a force to be reckoned with. He’s like a bull in a china shop, smashing through the establishment’s corrupt walls. But RFK Jr.? He’s a different breed altogether. He doesn’t just smash walls; he knows exactly where the foundations of corruption lie and how to dismantle them piece by piece.

During my appearance, I laid out the four primary issues we need to address if we want to save America. Here’s why RFK Jr. is the best man for the job:

  1. Illegal Immigration: Both RFK Jr. and Trump have solid plans to tackle this issue. They understand that securing our borders is essential to maintaining our sovereignty and protecting American jobs. There's no real distinction between them on this front, and that’s a good thing.

  2. Ending Forever Wars: Again, RFK Jr. and Trump are aligned here. Both recognize the futility and moral bankruptcy of endless military engagements. They are committed to bringing our troops home and focusing on rebuilding America rather than policing the world.

  3. Dismantling the Deep State Intelligence Agencies: Here’s where RFK Jr. pulls ahead. Trump made some strides in exposing the Deep State, but RFK Jr. has the knowledge and the guts to truly dismantle these shadowy institutions. He understands the depths of their corruption and has a clear plan to bring them to heel. His intimate knowledge of their workings is precisely why they fear him more.

  4. Breaking Apart Corporate Capture of the Federal Government and Regulatory Agencies: This is another area where RFK Jr. surpasses Trump. While Trump made efforts to reduce bureaucratic overreach, RFK Jr. has a nuanced understanding of how corporations have infiltrated and corrupted our regulatory agencies. His commitment to breaking this unholy alliance is unwavering and desperately needed.

The Deep State's fear of RFK Jr. isn't just about his policies; it's about his insider knowledge and his willingness to take real action. They know that he won’t just make noise; he will make substantive changes that could threaten their very existence. RFK Jr. has spent his career fighting corruption and advocating for the American people, and he has the scars to prove it.

During the interview, I emphasized the importance of having a president who understands the root causes of our nation’s problems and has the courage to tackle them head-on. RFK Jr. is not just another politician; he’s a reformer with a track record of standing up to powerful interests.

While Trump deserves credit for shaking up the status quo, RFK Jr. is the candidate who can truly dismantle the structures of corruption that have plagued our government for decades. His comprehensive understanding of the Deep State and corporate capture makes him uniquely qualified to lead this nation back to greatness. If we want to save America, we need to rally behind RFK Jr. and give him the mandate to clean house in Washington.

It’s time for a president who doesn’t just fight the system but knows how to dismantle it. The Deep State is scared for a reason—RFK Jr. is coming for them, and he knows exactly where the bodies are buried.

If you’d like to Declare Your Independence from both political parties and support a truly independent candidate in Robert F Kennedy Jr for President, consider donating to his campaign.


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