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Bobby Kennedy III Explains Why Voting Outside the Two-Party System is Crucial

The uniparty's stranglehold on our nation is more apparent than ever, and it's crucial to show people that their vote matters even outside the traditional parties.

In a recent episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Bobby Kennedy III and I tackled the urgent issue of why Americans need to break free from the two-party system. The uniparty's stranglehold on our nation is more apparent than ever, and it's crucial to show people that their vote matters even outside the traditional parties.

I asked Bobby how we can convince voters that jumping ship from the two-party system is not a wasted effort, especially when the stakes seem so high in every election. His response was eye-opening. He pointed out how manipulated polling data skews public perception, dramatically reducing the apparent support for independent candidates. For example, independents were initially weighted at 35% before debate criteria were announced but then were conveniently slashed to 15-20%, halving his father's support on paper.

Bobby also highlighted the disastrous national debt trajectory, a problem equally exacerbated by both Trump and Biden. Both presidents have added more to the national debt than all previous presidents combined. This alarming financial mismanagement is essentially borrowing from our children to fund current excesses. It's not just bad policy; it's immoral.

Furthermore, Bobby underscored that the real issue isn't just Trump or Biden—it's the entire system. Trump’s business tactics of leveraging debt to buy luxury only to move on is a perfect metaphor for his and Biden's handling of America's economy. This approach is unsustainable and detrimental to future generations.

Bobby also addressed the false narrative that the American people own the national debt. In reality, 80% is held by the Federal Reserve, with the rest by foreign entities like China and Japan. The claim that the people own this debt is a smokescreen to obscure the truth.

The conversation boiled down to a crucial point: it's the system that's broken. Neither Trump nor Biden is solely to blame, as they are both products of a corrupt and failing system. We need a moral leader who can provide long-term solutions, not just a four-year band-aid.

As we navigate these perilous times, it's imperative to recognize that clinging to the two-party system is not the solution. We must support and elect leaders who are committed to genuine reform and the long-term well-being of our nation. The future of America depends on breaking free from the uniparty and embracing new, moral leadership.

If you’d like to Declare Your Independence from both political parties and support a truly independent candidate in Robert F Kennedy Jr for President, consider donating to his campaign, grab some merch and volunteer for the campaign.

Watch the full episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Bobby Kennedy III:

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