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I agree and I am sure many do. We are learning to take over our Republican Executive Committees using Dan Schultz's prodding. We have started winning as we learn the rules of the game. We are many and it is time consuming to stay vigilant. We need watches/watchers. People who hold officials accountable at the local level--and publicize.

People are willing to volunteer for a cause they believe in. A cause that helps their families. I was just reading someone the other day who was explaining the morality of communist volunteers.

They want to change the world and do not care by what means. We are not quite sure that we are in the right to make them come about. They are quite sure about changing us.

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Good but let me make a proposal -- we need to drop the moniker of "conservative" we don't want to be just attempting to "conserve" we need to be actively right wing, making the country more right in a radical way.

A goal of "Conservation" is an intrinsically weak position for a political movement. We want to be radically transforming this nation.

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