SPOT ON. I had to send this to my pro-vaxx, asleep parents. I can't for the life of me, seem to wake them up, with all the data and proof in the world. It's really crazy. It's like they're living in the twilight zone.

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I’m sorry to say this but I never say anything anymore. Most of my “friends” have gone completely silent too...despite the proverbial “elephant in the living room” of their complete denial or downright stupidity; some are still avoiding me and wearing masks, too, so I avoid them as well. Depressing . I’ll be interested to see if they go for the boosters that’ll likely be coming out at some point down the road.

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Sentimentally, I mostly agree with this article.

For years, I've always thought that if there's one thing I'd like to get rid of, it would be deception.

Deception--or, our ability to be deceived--is the bane of human existence (other than,maybe mortality, ill health, accidents, etc).

From a spiritual perspective, I wonder if the past three years have been a grand cosmic exercise (or test) to see who really loves Truth, and who doesn't.

For those of us who are on the path of Truth, we did our research (as well as used our intuition), and had a feeling that something wasn't right.

Personally, I think that, in 2020, I did hundreds of hours of research (watched videos, read articles). I looked at as many perspectives as I could (not just the "official" perspective).

I can spend at least 30 minutes talking about why I came to the conclusions I came to, but ultimately, I decided not to go for the c-19 vaccines (sorry, not "vaccines," but bioweapons).

As early as...say...December/January 2020/2021, I had my suspicions.

By...say...spring of 2021, I knew that something was terribly wrong with these "vaccines" (I mean...bioweapons), and I felt so strongly about this that I took to Facebook and wrote strongly against these bioweapons and the mandates. (Of course, I called them "vaccines," but recently, thanks partly to Karen Kingston, I've been more adamant that they're bioweapons.)

Now, here's where I begin to differentiate from this article: while I sentimentally agree that we have to let them "admit they were wrong without being ridiculed," we have to call evil (or chosen ignorance) for what it is.

A few days ago, I wrote something:

It's bad enough that there are people who lack intelligence.

What's worse is that there are people who have intelligence, but choose ignorance.

Even worse is that there are people who choose to misuse their intelligence.

Even worse is that those people chose to impose their chosen ignorance on people who chose wisely.

Even worse is that people who choose ignorance impose their choice on people who don't have a voice/choice.

= =

No, that doesn't rhyme, but I hope it gets the message across.

I, like many who made the right choice, were treated as second-class citizens.

And while I do have a lot of animosity, some of the animosity I feel is not due to what happened to me personally, but mostly due to the fact that children and young people (the younger generation that relies on us) are going to suffer tremendously.

Many of their lives are going to be greatly diminished, mostly because of my generation.

I feel that I want to apologize to every child and young person--not due to me personally, but on behalf of the adult generation.

We've failed our young people like no other generation before us.

This generation of children and young people is the only one I've known that can legitimately feel a generational anger toward the adults.

That's why it's going to be very hard for me to feel compassion to those who pushed this on everyone, and even some of the people I know who chose ignorance.

I personally feel that I have to call them out publicly. (After all, they called me out publicly, so it's fair game.)

Once they can grow up, and take responsibility for their chosen ignorance, then maybe we can begin to make amends.

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I tried to warn family and friends about the shots, but most didn't listen and rushed out to get the jabs as soon as they became available. Now those same people refuse to talk about it at all with me. Deep down they know they made a huge mistake, but can't admit it. The thing that made me realize this was no ordinary shot was when they started giving it to livestock, zoo animals, and talking about "vaccinating" wildlife. When has that ever happened before? I believe the PTB knew exactly what effects the shots would have, since they extensively tested them in secret on unwilling subjects. How else could they have a list of hundreds of "side effects" that they wanted to keep hidden for 75 years? We are dealing with profound evil here, plans within plans that go back for generations. They know what they are doing.

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This advice to keep dropping the truth corroborates Dr Desmet Mattias’ advice. He said those under mass hypnosis are hard to wake up but you must keep talking, keep telling them what’s going on. As long as they hear the truth, there is a chance they may wake up.

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Science/Healthcare is not the driving motivation, it's politics and money. Altruistic motives are still born in the face of self interest!

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When I got my tinfoil hat, it was scary to see how many lies I’d believed. It was depressing & shocking. I’m glad it happened to me long before lockdown. It did force me to lean on God more. My elderly mom has never been one to admit she’s wrong, so I don’t think she will be able to with covid , ever

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I’m old enough to remember heated arguments about good and evil in Vietnam. And should or shouldn’t America be involved. Mostly disagreed with my interventionist liberal father and agreed with my conservative mind your own business mother. In any case, we were very divided and all we had was mainstream propaganda and word of mouth. Our current information struggle is thousands of times better than those in the the past. Social media is just that, social.

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